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Hourglass Personal Histories – Your stories, captured and shaped to last.


Rafting The Mississippi: Up The Creek 1972

It’s my pleasure to announce that our book, Rafting The Mississippi: Up The Creek 1972, is now published and available to purchase. You can also get the first 3 chapters for free in PDF form by entering your name and email in the sidebar to the right.

To order a copy of the book click here.

Stories connect, teach, reassure.

Our personal histories remind and preserve.

When genealogy data and tools took off decades ago and excited us with more access to roots and family trees, missing details still left much to the imagination.

Stories filled gaps, but they disappeared unless they were somehow preserved orally, in art, in print, or digitally.

This loss of story and history detail has bothered me for a long time. Every individual is his or her own planet, and as hard as we try to dig out the most compelling and amazing examples of how we’re ultimately connected and living in universal circumstances, too much is being lost forever. That’s the Hourglass part of my business. If not now, when can we memorialize the richness of our families, friendships, unique experiences, gains, and losses?

Great, ever-emerging technologies help to capture our histories. Our genealogy base begs for more.  What we seem to need is the time and the commitment to get our stories down and presentable for “digital scalability”.

Hourglass Personal Histories delivers the services (Interviewing, Writing, Editing, Audio and Video Recording, Photography) and the output (manuscripts, books, CDs, DVDs, photographs) to capture and preserve a personal history or story.

If you’ve been thinking about the stories, events, or histories that you want to create and save, and if you don’t have the time to get organized or started, please contact me.

I promise that I’ll be interested and curious in what you have to share…. and I may be able to help you capture your stories..

Jack Walklet