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Video Histories

Video Histories

Fogo Island - Harbor, Newfoundland

There’s less mystery to videography these days, in part because we can record and post so much from our smartphones and via our camcorders or evolving single reflex cameras. The other part is that visual output entertains, compels, and gets there faster. We’re hooked.

Video is an obvious base to any personal or family history, and while we’re all videographers if we choose to be, parsing together a fluid, rich story or history hinges on different, personal variables.

Hourglass wants to help people plan and capture their stories thoughtfully and with the best quality video and sound. Projects may extend over time to different subjects and places. Purpose and theme should be clear. Output look and tone should be consistent.

Our video services include:

Defining the purpose. Memorial? Legacy? Gift? Presentation? Business History? Documentary?

Planning. Who, where, how?  New material, repurposed material, or both? Restoration of legacy film to be included?

Technology. What videography, sound, file and storage fit to the project? Files to remote participants for continuity?

Design.  Basic story outline and schedules before launch. Will it summarize an event, a life, a family’s history? Is it a stand-alone, or will additional “chapters” be added over time?

Script. The “roadmap” or prompts for interviews, the flow of a project, a “goal guide”.

Editing. Polishing input into a seamless, compelling video history.

Output. The finished product in mutually agreed upon formats (DVD, files, cloud, as examples).

Continuity. Extending service beyond initial base to include new chapters, participants. Helping clients to continue “on their own”.

Depending on these largely custom projects, we typically work with trusted, local video partners to film on-site or remotely according to work statements defined by our services process, as above.

Histories are logically project-defined, quoted, and progress-billed.